President of the French club League 1 charged with the attempted rape of an employee of the club

Президент французского клуба Лиги 1 обвинен в попытке изнасилования сотрудницы клуба

Saeed Shaban

The President of the French “Angers” said Shaban was detained by police, according to RMC sport.

Shaban was charged with sexual assault under aggravating circumstances, clarifies the issue.

The businessman has written the statements of the four victims of violence. They accused Shabana of sexual harassment. And one of them is an employee of the club.

The facts were committed, according to the victims, in the period from 2014 to 2019.

At the moment the specialist is already under investigation.

The Prosecutor’s office notes that Siobhan did not plead guilty and expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

In the current season of “Angers” occupies 13th place in the standings of Ligue 1, having scored 30 points just four points behind the European Cup zone.