Pressure on Urgences-Santé increases

Pressure on Urgences-Santé is increasing


The paramedics of Urgences-Santé will increase, as of Monday, the pressure exerted on their employer, who categorically refuses to negotiate with the union concerning the work overload of its employees.

The Prehospital Workers' Union (SP-CSN) deplores, among other things, the categorical refusal of Urgences-Santé to hear the arguments of its employees, despite the various possible solutions proposed. The overworked and exhausted paramedics ask, among other things, to be able to take their lunch break at the agreed time.

For the paramedics, it is imperative that the meal break be taken at a convenient time, and not postponed due to work overload. Thus, from next Monday, the SP-CSN will ask paramedics to take their dinner break at the scheduled time, in accordance with the collective agreement, in order to put pressure on Urgences-Santé.

“Instead of putting in place long-term solutions that respect our rights and our health, we are witnessing an intolerable abuse of the employer's right to management, which violates our negotiated working conditions”, declared the president of the SP-CSN, Claude Lamarche.

The union urges the Ministry of Health and Social Services to act. More and more paramedics are choosing to redirect their careers because of poor working conditions, thus exacerbating the labor shortage.

“We all know, union and employer alike, that overworked paramedics mean longer delays in responding to calls. It also means an accumulation of risks for the health and safety of the paramedics themselves. It can't last any longer,” said Mr. Lamarche.