Pressure tactics at the RTC: drivers will save the FEQ

Pressure means at the RTC: drivers will save the FEQ


RTC drivers have voted unanimously to initiate “when deemed appropriate” job action this summer, but they rule out any disruption to service during the Summer Festival of Quebec.   

Out of respect for customers, the union and its 950 members have completely ruled out taking festival-goers hostage from July 6 to 17 and in any way affecting the shuttle service, which is generally very successful.   

“The drivers are fully aware that the population needs to be entertained after more than two years of the pandemic”, said the president of the drivers' union, Hélène Fortin, in a press release released late Wednesday afternoon.  

The management of the RTC had asked its drivers, via an internal publication, to make themselves available for the FEQ in order to “travel a clientele in a good mood”, relates the union.  

“We , we consider that we travel a great clientele all year round and not just during the Summer Festival,” retorts Ms. Fortin, who says that she has the well-being of the clientele at heart at all times.  

Grumbling reigns at the RTC  

About 350 drivers participated in the meetings which took place on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. They voted “100%” in favor of future pressure tactics – the nature of which has not yet been specified – which illustrates the “discontent” that currently reigns at the RTC, according to Ms. Fortin.  < /p>

Their employment contract expires next week, June 30, and talks are expected to begin with the employer only when they return from summer vacation. For the time being, any strike is excluded. Legally, the drivers would not have the right to trigger one, anyway, before October.  

The drivers, however, refuse to wait for the start of negotiations before to express their dissatisfaction.  

Recourse to subcontracting  

They denounce the work climate, the use of subcontracting (for the FlexiBus service for example) and the “lack of openness” of the employer. “ The main problem is the increasingly frequent recourse to subcontracting, our members really have a problem with that,” summarizes Ms. Fortin.  

“We are faced with an employer who manages change very badly,” adds François Proulx-Duperré, secretary general of the Conseil central de Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches (CSN). “The RTC is in the midst of profound upheaval, but management is failing to get employees on board. The unions, however, are not asking for the moon: they want to be consulted and participate in the changes rather than simply undergoing them. »  

Call to the mayor of Quebec 

Calls for the collaboration of the RTC management, in the media, “do not go beyond the stage of speech” for the moment, deplores the union. It is in this context that the union is reaching out to the members of the RTC board and to the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand.  

“ It is time to put our cards on the table and to inform the higher authorities of the real state of labor relations at the RTC ,” adds Ms. Fortin, who received no feedback from the town hall, despite her attempts. The mayor of Quebec recently confirmed that he has no intention of interfering in labor relations at the RTC.  

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