Prestigious US universities sued for the administration of the trump because of the new ban on foreign students

July 8, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology filed a lawsuit against the trump administration for its leadership on banning foreign students who are studying online, to stay in the U.S. in the autumn semester, writes CNN.

Престижные вузы США подали в суд на администрацию Трампа из-за нового запрета для студентов-иностранцев

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In early July, Harvard announced that all the training will be conducted online, including for students living on campus. In a statement provided to CNN, the University representatives said that the leadership should affect about 5,000 foreign students.

“The order went out without notice — his cruelty is surpassed only by his recklessness. Looks like it was designed specifically to put pressure on colleges and universities, so they opened their classrooms to the campus for full-time study this fall, without concern for the health and safety of students, teachers and other people,” — said the President of Harvard University Larry Bacow.

Visa requirements for students has always been strict, and the arrival in the United States with the aim of passing the online course was banned. Immigration authorities adhere to this ban, while providing some flexibility for hybrid learning models that combine online classes and lectures.

The Agency offered to students currently enrolled in US universities, to consider other measures, such as transfers to educational institutions with full-time education.

In the FAQ published by the Agency, the Department of homeland security, explained that “all students who plan to study in American school in the fall, will be able to do it, though some will have to learn from abroad, if their presence is not required for any classroom in the United States.”

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District court for the district of Massachusetts, is intended to block the user, arguing that it violates the administrative procedure Act. The University representatives claim that the decision of the Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) does not provide an exception for online courses puts the universities in a “counterproductive stance” when you have to decide whether to continue to follow their plans for full or partial online learning or trying to reopen attending classes.

The lawsuit also highlights the problem faced by the students: “Just a few weeks after the start of the fall semester, these students can’t enroll at University, providing training on campus, despite the assumption of ICE that they can do it, to avoid expulsion from the country. Moreover, for many students returning to their countries for participation in online learning is impossible, unfeasible, prohibitively expensive and/or dangerous.”

The claim from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology also received support from Cornell University, who joined as an independent consultant in court. The University said that its foreign students are not largely affected by the new leadership of the White house due to the mixed forms of learning, but expressed strong opposition to the discussed rules.

“It was completely unexpected, and it’s senseless and unjust policy that contradicts everything for which we act as the global academic community,” said Martha Pollack, President of Cornell University.

In the United States is more than 1 million foreign students.



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