Prevention of blood clots: seven products that contribute to thinning of the blood

Experts have called products that thin the blood and reduce the number of clots, which ultimately contributes to the prevention of blood clots.

Профилактика тромбов: семь продуктов, способствующих разжижению крови

So, ginger contains gingerol, which is combined with fatty acids produces special enzymes that do not give platelets to stick together. Gingerol is able to deal with the so-called oxidative stress — a process in which the body accumulates too many free radicals. It is this stress becomes one of the causes of aging.

Cayenne pepper is one of the most powerful natural remedies that make blood less thick. Additionally, it can increase heart rate and blood flow to the organs, particularly of the pelvis. It influences fertility and helps to avoid stagnation in the uterus and prostate.

Foods high in omega-3 improves blood flow and normalize blood pressure, increases “good” cholesterol, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Krovanistaya property of garlic is so strong that it can not be used while taking anticoagulants. Cinnamon also is a powerful anticoagulant, it should be used with caution.

It is believed that a glass of quality red wine a day can prevent heart disease and stroke. Also very useful in this aspect of red cabbage.

Causes of blood clots several. One of them is the disruption of blood flow and main reason is the stagnation of blood, often occurring due to injury or a sedentary lifestyle.