Price freeze at Loblaw's does not upset Jagmeet Singh

Loblaw’s price freeze doesn’t move Jagmeet Singh


The price freeze on a range of products by Loblaw's does not move NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who denounces the “seraphinflation” of large grocery chains.

“First, they freeze the price at a price that is already high,” Mr. Singh denounced in a press scrum on Wednesday.

“But the fact that they froze the price shows that we were right: big grocery companies have the power to raise prices, freeze prices or reduce prices.”

Loblaw's announced the price freeze for its private label products on Monday, the same day federal lawmakers voted unanimously to have the Competition Bureau investigate the profits of major grocery chains.

Added to this is a decision by members of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food to investigate grocery prices. The vote took place last October 6.

“The government needs to stand up for the people instead of letting the CEOs of the big grocery chains make millions of dollars in profits and bonuses while Canadian women and Canadians are desperate,” Singh said during question period on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted that people eligible for the GST tax credit will be able to receive, the next six months, double the amount usually received, as the legislation passed the Senate on Tuesday night.

“It will help enormously, with almost $500 for some families, but money for 11 million households. It makes a big difference and it happened because the Conservatives changed their minds and decided to support our proposals,” replied Mr. Trudeau.

The first bonus checks could take three to four weeks before arriving in the accounts of the beneficiaries.