Prices of imported vegetables beat records

The market of greenhouse vegetables of Ukraine captivated imported products from Turkey. Prices in the new year period “bite”.

This is reported by analysts of the project EastFruit.

Цены на импортные овощи бьют рекорды

A major supplier of greenhouse vegetables to the Ukrainian market on new year’s eve is Turkey. While the Turkish exporters due to the lack of greenhouse vegetables even in their market, are unable to fully meet the demand for cucumbers and tomatoes Ukrainian and European companies.

As a result, Ukraine has seen a sharp rise in prices for greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes. The rise in greenhouse products sellers, primarily associated with a complete withdrawal from the market of local greenhouse vegetables, as well as a marked reduction in supply from Turkey.


So, today imported cucumbers offered for sale at a price of 35-45 UAH/kg (a$1.50 to 1.93/kg), on average, 37% more than at the end of last week.

Imported Turkish tomatoes increased in price to 35-45 UAH/kg (a$1.50 to 1.93/kg), on average, 32% higher than a week earlier.

Prices for greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine has already reached the price level of last year over the same period. While market analysts believe that in the near future is expected to accelerate the pace of price growth for greenhouse products in Ukraine.

The demand for greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine is also growing, so as a wholesale company and a retail network continue to form trading stocks for the new year holidays, and it also provokes a rise in prices. Therefore, it is expected can be rising prices in retail stores on greenhouse vegetables and 100 UAH/kg ($4,28).