Pride parade canceled: a demonstration with festive airs

Pride Parade canceled: a demonstration with festive airs te


Thousands of people spontaneously took to the streets with their flags of all colors to parade for Pride on Sunday afternoon, even though the organization had canceled the event due to a lack of volunteers. 

Disappointed with the cancellation, a group decided to organize a demonstration with the help of the Montreal Police Department.

You can't cancel pride [you can't cancel pride],” they chanted in chorus, parading down de Maisonneuve Boulevard, then Sherbrooke Boulevard.

The route, which has been transmitted to the authorities, winds the St-Catherine Street before ending at Émilie-Gamelin Park. 

“It was very disappointing for us the cancellation of the parade, so we decided to stay anyway and discuss with other groups before making a decision. We chose to do like a normal parade, but with the framework of a demonstration”, explains one of the organizers.

An initiative appreciated

Several tourists, who were supposed to attend the Montreal Pride parade, are happy with the organization of this demonstration.

“It's really crazy that people are mobilizing despite the fact that it's canceled,” said a young participant.

“I'm very happy that we have managed to organize something because it is very important for us to be represented in the world”, says a citizen.