Prima ballerina Christine Sispar talked about the relationship with Catherine Kuhar

Prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kristina Sispar told why they are not greeted with another prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar.

Прима-балерина Кристина Шишпор рассказала об отношениях с Екатериной Кухар

According to Sispar, they Kuhar each other things did not, however, their relationship is quite strained, said in the program “Life of famous people”. The common language of the two prims is not found.

“The man shouts that he is a Swan, all believe in it. Though the man never danced “Swan lake” in our country. From beginning to end. Do not say that you are one. Because it is not! And people need to understand that there are other artists, other dancers, other principals. I never shouted that I’m the only one in this country, although they have every right to,” commented Syspar.

By the way, not all were happy for Sispar in that moment, when she set a record of Ukraine. In 2019 on the noisy premiere “Swan lake” instead of thirty-two fouettes the ballerina turned as much as forty eight times.

“This is one of the most difficult tricks in the ballet. Before me nobody did. In our theater so sure. I in the end did not understand – and I have a leg to eat? I just have not felt”, — said the ballerina.