Primaries Democrats: Biden leaves Sanders chance

Former us Vice-President Joe Biden confirmed the title of leader of the presidential election race, the Democrats in the USA, winning a series of primaries in six States. His main rival Bernie Sanders has no chance for the nomination of the Democratic party, reports the BBC.

Праймериз демократов: Байден не оставляет Сандерсу шансов

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The first results of the preliminary elections held on Tuesday in six States, has left independent Senator Bernie Sanders has no hope of participation in the presidential race. Already at 20.00 on East coast time, immediately after the close of the first polling stations in Missouri and Mississippi, announced the decisive victory of his main and only rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. According to preliminary data, in Mississippi, he received more than 80% of the votes, and almost 60% in Missouri.

An hour later it became known that the former Vice President became the winner and in Michigan, considered one of the key in the fight for the presidency in the United States. In 2016, by the way, this state voted for Bernie Sanders, preferring Senator Hillary Clinton.

“I think Bernie Sanders is no more likely to become President — said the publication Politico Kevin, Kate, councillor of the electoral headquarters of ex-participant of the election campaign of Tom Stayer. — Biden wins almost everywhere, and the TV has already announced that he will receive the nomination of [Democratic party]”.

Last week former Vice-President of the United States suddenly became the leader of the main event of the election race — the “Super Tuesday”, when the voting took place in 14 States. Joe Biden won 10 of them, not too behind his main rival in the remaining four.

During the “mini-Super Tuesday” voting took place in Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, North Dakota, Idaho and Washington state. At stake — the voice of 352 delegates of the forthcoming this summer the National Convention of the Democratic party, where will be selected candidate for the presidency.

For this applicant need to collect votes from 1990 3979 delegates. While the number of already assembled delegates in this competition, Joe Biden is significantly ahead of Senator Sanders with a score of 664-573. After the “mini-Super Tuesday” will be known who will get the votes of 47% of all delegates of the future party Congress.

Adjustments in the electoral race the Democrats have already made the outbreak of coronavirus. And Biden, and Sanders was forced to cancel a meeting with his supporters in Ohio and in Washington state where it was registered the first cases of the disease in the United States, voters were asked not to come out to the polls and vote by mail.

It seems, however, that the leaders and activists of the Democratic party have already made their choice, putting on the candidacy of former Vice-President of the United States.

“If Sanders today will not win in any of the States, the only candidate for the nomination from the party will be Joe Biden — said on Tuesday evening, the radio station NPR, the leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives Jim I believe Cliburn. — I think I need to cancel all the coming debates and primaries (in other States) because it would be a waste of time.”

About support Biden as the sole presidential candidate of the democratic party and said the head of the largest Supercommittee political activity (super PAC) Priorities USA Action, supporting the Democrats, guy Cecil.

“The mathematics are now clear and understandable, — he wrote in his “Twitter”. — Joe Biden will be the nominee of the Democratic party for President, and @prioritiesUSA will do everything possible to help him win Donald trump in November. I hope that others will support us in this fight.”

Supercommittee have the right to collect unlimited money for the election campaign of candidates. In 2016, for example, the group Priorities USA Action spent on the campaign, Hillary Clinton $190 million.

This year, according to official reports, the group has pledged to raise at least $150 million for the fight with Donald trump before the opening of the National Convention of the Democratic party, which will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July.

The names of the official candidates for U.S. President from the major parties we know in the summer of 2020. The national Convention of the Democrats ends July 16, the Republican – August 27. Themselves as presidential elections will be held on 3 November.



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