Prime Minister of great Britain compared with the Russian matryoshka: bright cartoon

Премьера Великобритании сравнили с русской матрешкой: яркая карикатура

The network has ridiculed the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s caustic caricature. Th accused of having ties with Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. About it write mass media.

Recall that the twelfth of December in the UK will be a special election, and the main contender for victory is Boris Johnson, however, apparently not all that excited. The user Political Cartoon on the social network Twitter has published a cartoon which made fun of the Prime Minister.

It depicts a Russian doll, Boris Johnson, from under which Peeps out the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. The emphasis is on the fact that opening the doll, you can learn many new things about the Prime Minister.

The caricature is accompanied by the inscription: “Here is nothing to see, move on”.

We will remind that Boris Johnson was supposed to meet today, the sixth of November, Queen Elizabeth, and discuss the details of the dissolution of Parliament and begin the preparations for the elections. The results of the social survey shows that Boris Johnson is much faster than its nearest competitor.