Prime Minister of Saskatchewan “lucky” to be in Tokyo at the time of the attack of Typhoon (PHOTOS)

Премьеру Саскачевана «посчастливилось» оказаться в Токио в момент атаки тайфуна  (ФОТО)

Currently in Tokyo, which on Saturday was struck by a powerful Typhoon, with the visit of the Premier of Saskatchewan.

Scott MoE, who arrived there as part of trade mission to Asia, said that some members of the official delegation, upon learning of the impending Typhoon well in advance went to South Korea.

Mo reported that he and the rest of the delegation in Tokyo are safe and in constant contact with the canadian Embassy in the event of a hurricane.

“Our thoughts are with those who suffered from Typhoon Hagibis in Japan, a country that was incredibly friendly and hospitable to me and to the delegation of Saskatchewan during our stay in Tokyo,” he said in a statement.

Experts said that this is the most powerful Typhoon that struck Japan over the last 60 years, and warned that it can bring to 76 millimeters of precipitation.

According to the TV company NHK, by Sunday morning at least four people were killed, 17 went missing and more than 100 people were injured. The amount of damage and of the victims of the Typhoon Hagibis, which means “speed” in Tagalog, one of the languages of the Philippines, continues to grow.

The Japan meteorological Agency convened in the second half of day a press-conference to warn of heavy rainfall in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures, including Gunma, the Prefecture and Kanagawa.

“Be prepared for the volume of rainfall, what was not before,” – said the official representative of the Agency Yasushi of Kajihara, adding that areas previously avoided natural disasters, this time can be at risk.

“Take all the necessary security measures”, – he said.

Match Canada vs Namibia the Rugby world Cup on Sunday was cancelled due to the Typhoon.

The international Rugby Board (Rugby World) published a statement, which says that in respect of Kamaishi city, where they were supposed to be game, the order to evacuate.

“Kamaishi is located in the mountainous area, and the main tribune of the stadium is near the foot. In the vicinity of the stadium and along the access roads to the competition venue throughout the night was observed landslides and floods,” – said in the message.

Montrealer lance Stroll (Stroll Lance) were among the racers of Formula-1, are forced to spend the whole day in hotels, as the track of the Grand Prix of Japan was closed.

Cars formula one is still planned for the second half of the day Sunday with the qualification earlier in the day.

“Very disappointed that we are not on the track, he said, being close to the Mexican Sergio Perez, in the video posted on Twitter on Saturday. But tomorrow is the day, follow the news”.