Prime Minister of Ukraine announced the government’s intention to gradually reduce taxes for the population (PHOTOS)

Премьер Украины объявил о намерении правительства постепенно уменьшить налоги для населения (ФОТО)

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to raise taxes for the population, but on the contrary, aimed at their gradual reduction, said during a press conference on Sunday, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

“This government does not intend to raise taxes in order to increase revenues, this is the wrong way. Taxes must be gradually reduced, but make them equal for all, because it is wrong, when taxes are high, and pay them a small part of the business, needs to get away from it”, – quotes Goncharuk Agency UNN.

The Prime Minister added that the government is committed as effectively as possible to spend “every penny of the taxpayer”.

On Sunday, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the draft budget for the year 2020 with a deficit of 2.09 percent of GDP and plans to the end of the day, submit it to the Verkhovna Rada, and for the next two weeks the Cabinet of Ministers intends to submit to Parliament the programme of activities of the government.