Prime Minister of Ukraine explained how the Ukrainians will fill a Declaration of income

The government will draft zero Declaration, which will be offered to fill all Ukrainians, in order to legalize their income.

Премьер-министр Украины объяснил, как украинцы будут заполнять декларацию о доходах

This was stated by Prime-Minister Denis Shmyhal at a press-conference on results of 100 days of work of the Cabinet, reports Wave.

It is likely that from next year, citizens will fill in the earnings reports.

The citizens of Ukraine will be offered to fill nil in which individuals will show their assets and disclose data about what they own.

At the same time, the Declaration will be voluntary – those who legalize their income, will be able to legally dispose of large sums of cash.

In the zero Declaration will need to specify:

  • The assets of physical persons in currency values.
  • Securities.
  • Personal property.
  • Real estate.
  • The assets under construction, shares, shares, including in the property of legal entities.
  • Other property and intangible assets are located in Ukraine, and abroad.

After declaring all the data audited by the tax Inspectorate.

For reference.

Currently in Ukraine there is a limit on the maximum payment for cash – 50 thousand UAH.