Prince William came out alone and gave a kiss to Rita ora

The Duke of Cambridge visited the jubilee charity Centrepoint project. Photographers captured courteous Prince William, who warmly welcomed Rita Yelling.

Принц Уильям вышел в свет в одиночестве и подарил поцелуй Рите Оре

November 13 was held the anniversary of Centrepoint, which has for 50 years engaged in the problem of the homeless: through the Fund, many people without a certain residence got a chance to start over. Prince William has long been the patron Saint of this project, and therefore, could not miss such an important to Fund the event.

Kate Middleton on this evening was not present, but was Princess Beatrice. However, even her silver dress with a plunging neckline are unable to outshine spectacular William in a green velvet jacket.

The audience attracted not only stylish outfit of the Duke of Cambridge, but also his behavior. Usually reserved Prince William at this time, acted in the spirit of Casekow who love to cuddle, often breaking Royal Protocol.

During the event Prince William met with Rita Ora, which also supports a project to help the homeless. It seems that celebrities were happy to see, and therefore touching embraced.

The Duke of Cambridge went on — he gave the singer a secular kiss, a photo of which immediately spread through the world media. Yes, this gesture, as many thought, was friendly, but some netizens suggest Kate Middleton to keep your eyes open.