Prince William had serious health problems. Queen Elizabeth was greatly feared for the heir to the throne

The prince's life is also not all roses …

 Prince William had serious health problems. Queen Elizabeth was very worried about the heir to the throne

The Prince William and his entire family were defined as the future of the British monarchy. Although he is second in line to the throne, royal fans have already demanded that the Duke of Cambridge should bypass Prince Charles's throne.

Prince William is also considered one of the most popular members of of the royal family. So most of his fans are in awe of what he does and what he says. Before becoming a full-time working senior member of the royal family, the Duke of Cambridge worked with the air ambulance service.

The queen feared for the heir to the throne. Will he be able to be king when Charles is gone?

A few days before he quit his job, the father of the children helped save the life of a young boy. 'There are things in life that you don't want to see. Inside, I felt something changed. It really hit me a few weeks later. It was as if someone had inserted a key into the lock and opened it without my permission. I felt that the whole world was dying. You just feel like everyone is suffering, everyone is suffering. I've never felt it before & rdquo; & ndash; said Prince William.

At this time, there were reports suggesting that Prince William resigned from his job because of the impact it had on his mental health.

Prince William's traumatic experience during work are something he still has to deal with today. In fact, he recently confessed to the royal family that he was suffering from depression. & ldquo; Prince William hid his mental illness from the palace, and now the inner circle of Queen Elizabeth is terrified that she will not be able to rule when his time comes & rdquo; & ndash; revealed an undisclosed source.

An unnamed source mentioned that reports of Prince William's struggle with mental health had only recently come true. “The rumor was true, and William has now confirmed it.” His public admission that he was still in pain shook the palace & rdquo; & ndash; an anonymous source claimed.