Prince William in horror from the behaviour of Harry and Meghan Markle, which could “destroy the monarchy” (photo)


Принц Уильям в ужасе от поведения Гарри и Меган Маркл, которое может «разрушить монархию» (фото)

The future king of great Britain Prince William is deeply concerned about the behavior of younger brother Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. As writes the edition of the Daily Express, citing a Royal expert Ingrid Seward, William, second in line to the throne after his 70-year-old father Charles, fears that the actions of Harry and Megan can destroy the monarchy, or at least to cause serious damage to its reputation.

William feels responsible for his brother, but could not approve of the decisions he and his wife attended recently. Harry and Megan have been criticized in the press since their wedding months. Spouses, not thinking about the consequences, violated Royal Protocol and a long tradition of defiantly doing as you see fit.

So, the outrage of the public has caused confusion in connection with the announcement of the birth of the first child pairs — Archie Harrison, who was born on may 6 this year. That “the Duchess has gone into labour” was announced a few hours later after she gave birth and returned home from the hospital in Frogmoor cottage. In the same way Issexy concealed from the public, where it held the birth and took the names of their doctors. Usually this information is publicly available.

Later, no less indignation was caused by the decision of Harry and Megan to “classify” the christening of Archie. They only published two official subsequently shot. And even declined, in contrast to other members of the Royal family, to name the godparents of the child.

While the couple feel entitled to use the taxpayers ‘ money. So, their home in Windsor Frogmore-the cottage was renovated at the expense of the subjects of the Queen.

“Harry is justified by the fact that he is a private person. However, you can’t be a king, ranks sixth in line to the throne, and at the same time a private person”, — said the expert. Harry wants to live a free life — as, for example, his cousin Zara Tindall and her husband Mike. However, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, a professional athlete, don’t carry no Royal title and does not receive money from the Treasury for the maintenance of his family. In the same way as her older brother Peter.

Critics believe that the former actress Megan and her husband acting like a spoiled movie star. And give the cards in the hands of the anti-monarchist movement, calling to abolish the monarchy.

The last, and at the same time, the scandal caused the news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who advocate for environmental protection, four times for 11 days were used by private planes. They were immediately accused of hypocrisy.

Принц Уильям в ужасе от поведения Гарри и Меган Маркл, которое может «разрушить монархию» (фото)Megan sits in a private jet

Meanwhile the friends of Meghan Markle I think that all the attacks on her in the press and social media due to racism. So, the best friend of the Duchess of Sussex, stylist Jessica Mulroney, said Markle “unfairly” bullied because of her skin color. In defense of Megan, whose father is white and mother African — American, was also made by British actress Jamila Jamil (the daughter of the Indian and Pakistani). Photograph Addition was placed among the images of 15 women on the cover of the magazine Vogue, guest editor of which was Markle. Jamil said that Megan is criticized because “she’s black”, and Harry for that, “he married a black woman.” And added that travel in the same plane with presidents and royalty unsafe for ordinary people, because senior people often become victims of terrorists and murderers. So flights influential persons private jets — just for the benefit of ordinary people.

Принц Уильям в ужасе от поведения Гарри и Меган Маркл, которое может «разрушить монархию» (фото)Megan and Jessica Mulroney

In defense of Casekow were also made by singer Elton John, the singer Pink, TV host Ellen DeGeneres and other stars. “The way people treat her is the most public form of bullying that I’ve ever met. It got out of control. Let’s be a little kinder, eh? Let’s show our children that being kind is cool” — in particular, Pink wrote on Twitter, commenting on criticism of Meghan.

“Imagine that you are attacked for everything you do when you’re just trying to make the world better,” said DeGeneres.

Harry also previously hinted at the fact that his wife disliked because of her mixed parentage. He said that people are racists subconsciously, not even aware of this report.

It in social networks said that you don’t have to be racist to see “discrepancy in words and deeds”, for which “no one to blame but ourselves.”

As has been repeatedly reported in the press, the relationship between the brothers-princes have long been more than cool. Harry put blame William and his wife Kate, they rendered his fiancée, and later wife Megan, “not enough support”. In fact, according to insiders, William’s brother expressed their concern at the swiftness of his affair with a divorced American actress who is three years older than him and he still knows so little. Harry was offended and angry. Couples who have had one office in Kensington Palace, have shared their “farms”, and Megan and Harry moved out of London to Windsor Palace.

Although rumor has it that the Cambridge and Sesexy already established relations, according to the latest data from the Palace, they refused to live under the same roof in a Scottish castle Balmoral, where both families are invited to visit the Queen. Couples with children will be placed in different buildings to “reduce voltage”. Megan, Harry and their son Archie is located directly in the castle, and William, Kate and their children George, Charlotte and Louis, staying in a cottage on the estate.

“FACTS” wrote earlier that Meghan Markle was the first among members of the Royal family had hired for his son’s colored nanny.

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