Prison and drugs: Sergey Lazarev told about the tragic death of brother (video)

Тюрьма и наркотики: Сергей Лазарев рассказал о трагической смерти брата (видео)

Popular Russian singer Sergey Lazarev stunned outright confessions. In an interview with his former lover, Lera Kudryavtseva in the “million dollar Secret”, he revealed intimate details of their personal life. He first unveiled that year ago second time became a father. His daughter Anna was a year old.

Lazarev also shared memories about his family and could not hold back tears, talking about his brother’s death. Paul four years ago had an accident. At first glance, he received minor injuries — brain concussion, bruises and did not seek help from doctors. But after a few days he got worse, he developed blood poisoning. Doctors were unable to save him.

Тюрьма и наркотики: Сергей Лазарев рассказал о трагической смерти брата (видео)
*Sergey Lazarev with mother and brother

Pasha put “concussion”, strong bruises, a broken nose. He looks as if something would be got a fright. The car was completely caved in. Pasha refused the hospital, and it was a fatal mistake. Let me explain why. It just seems that to be a member of the family of a famous person is easy, cool. In fact, it is not so. For the pashas too, to some extent, followed. Was his life’s moments, particularly when I screwed up, and the press followed him, tried to compare him to me. And he was afraid to hurt me. I understand that he refused hospitalization, that God forbid did not know about it… He had tried so hard to earn some credibility that he once again he had failed. He too did a lot in life, wrong choices, there were many moments for which he was ashamed. It is quite a while he used banned drugs. Pasha was treated not once successfully, then fell, were different cases. It every time was wild blows: for mom, for me, for the whole family. He spent 4 years in prison for drug possession, he was caught with some dose drugs. Then came the headlines: “Brother Sergey Lazarev addict”. He stayed and left a completely different person. This situation has prolonged his life. His friends who remained at large, all died. We Pasha again tried to socialize. I got him for his company, the courier that he earned, bring his brother to the event. He became a completely different person. Met his love — a girl with whom they went to school… She wrote letters to him, waited for him, it was incredible love. We all gasped, because he finally fell into rails: a job, a car that I bought him… everything Seemed to be fine, and this accident…” — said Lazarev.

Тюрьма и наркотики: Сергей Лазарев рассказал о трагической смерти брата (видео)
*Lazarev supports niece

He also admitted that he frequently travels to the grave of a brother, especially before important events in life, asks him to help and considers him as his guardian angel.

After the program, Lazarev was first shown the photo year-old daughter Anna. Baby is very similar with brother Nikita. Children artist gave birth to a surrogate mother.

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