PrivatBank accused of unauthorized withdrawal of money

Another client State of PrivatBank were dissatisfied with the work of the institution.

ПриватБанк обвинили в неправомерном списании денег

According to her, PrivatBank has twice written off from its account 12 thousand rubles and got into credit funds, — reports Hvylya, citing the Finance Ministry.

“27 Jan transferred 12,000 rubles to Russia for a training course. All translated, however, as it turned out after a few days, within 4 minutes I was cleared twice at 12,000 rubles, and even got into credit money. But a Text with a code to confirm the payment came in alone and on the last payment, too, one,” wrote a customer of the Bank.

According to her, the Manager PrivatBank tried to explain that the system proxy.

“It would not have worked as a mediator, but the transfer of money produced by Privat, it turns out that this is a mistake, a defect of the Bank, and I am now looking for an opportunity to return the money to lose on the commissions, the exchange rate RUB-UAH, wasting your time. I’d love to hear a plausible, truthful answer…,” wrote the customer in their opinion about the work of the Bank.

In turn, Privat replied, that the client itself has provided the details of the card, so the funds were withdrawn.

“I want to draw Your attention that the outlet may not charge if it was not provided the card details to pay. In our case, was incorrectly entered the data card, whereby the payment is made. We see that the operator told You the possible options to solve the issue. On appeal in support of the Bank You can make a request for appeal transactions in the international payment system”, — wrote the representative of the Bank in the comments.

But this answer does not explain to the client the fact that the Bank has twice debited the same amount.

“I wonder You read my message about the debit from my account for the double payment? Of course, that the first payment has been completed the card details. But I am wondering on what basis the Bank made re-payment? And this is without my confirmation! It is the fault of the Bank, and not some system! May it 20 more times will want to write off the money but without my consent and confirmation is not acceptable! Yes or no? Or you live in our Ukrainian the principle of “Hto of praws? Nevistka”, i.e. all the blame, but not you?”, — outraged the client.