PrivatBank explained the refusal of the issuance of cash from the account

In PrivatBank responded to a customer complaint about non-issuance of cash from the account during a quarantine in Ukraine.

ПриватБанк объяснил отказ выдачи налички со счета

As reports “Hvil”, this is stated in the “Feedback” section of the website of the Ministry of Finance.

A client of PrivatBank reported that the Bank has blocked the access to money and does not give a dollar with the card. In addition, the Bank refuses to do a request for ordering currency from card account in USD. “Violation of my rights! I am preparing a complaint to the NBU and a Lawsuit for violation of my rights officials PrivatBank. Close you have all the cards, salary project and account legal.face crooks!”.

On this appeal was responded to by the service of PrivatBank, noting that at the time of the termination of international air traffic, the Bank transfers the valyutoobmen online. “From March 18 PrivatBank conducts foreign exchange transactions for customers of physical persons in the cashless form through mobile banking Privat24 web version of Privat24 and a network of terminals”.

The Bank also stressed that in the period of quarantine measures against coronavirus priority online foreign exchange transactions to be entered for customer security and to the recovery of international flights and supply of the currency banknotes to Ukraine from abroad.

At the offices of PrivatBank cash currency without restrictions, the owners of foreign currency deposits, the validity of which is completed, in advance of foreign currency. “Any operations with the cash hryvnia in Bank cash offices and ATM network, are held in normal mode”.