PrivatBank has prepared the next surprise

The largest Ukrainian financial structure Privatanteil the next surprise.

ПриватБанк подготовил клиентам очередной сюрприз

This time it was announced the launch of a new service, the start of which was reported on the official website of the Bank.

Managers of PrivatBank cheerfully reported on the introduction of new services that are available in real-time. Its essence lies in the ability to make transfers to cards of PrivatBank payment card VISA of any Bank institutions of the world. Now you can quickly transfer or receive funds from or on PrivatBank card through the official website of the organization or the mobile version of Privat24. I absolutely don’t need to be registered or be a client of the largest Ukrainian Bank.

This service will allow without any problems to engage in financial transactions especially Ukrainian citizens, who for one or other reason, live or work abroad. It is no secret that migrant workers send monthly to relatives in Ukraine astronomical sums, PrivatBank has decided to simplify the procedure. Also, foreigners caught in the Ukraine, with the help of this innovation can easily and quickly transfer money to the Ukrainian card.

Characteristically, the money can be transferred to any of the base for Ukraine currency: hryvnia, us dollars or euros. Experts promise that it will be easy enough to do through the Internet program or through a special mobile application. In order for the operation was successful, you just know the card number of the recipient. Rate before the foreign currency amounts is three percent. It is expected that the programme will be fully operational in the near future.

However, skeptics believe that the reality will be not so rosy, as promised by the employees of PrivatBank. Given the reputation of this institution and customer churn occurring in the last time, the novelty should be treated cautiously, although the innovation, of course, quite interesting and relevant to many Ukrainians.