PrivatBank is obliged to pay offshore companies Surkises more than $250 million

April 15, the Kyiv court of appeal dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of Pechersky regional court that “Privat” is obliged to pay offshore companies in the Surkis brothers more than $ 250 million.

Приватбанк обязан выплатить офшорным компаниям Суркисов более $250 миллионов

As reports “Economic truth”, confirmed the information in the financial institution. Also on his page on Facebook about the decision of the Kiev court of appeal announced by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska.

“April 15, 2020 the court of appeal upheld the decision of 20 February 2020 without changes”, — wrote Maluska.

Note that the authors lodged an appeal become the state Executive of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine and PrivatBank.

Recall that a decision requiring “PrivatBank” to pay the companies in the Surkis brothers more than $ 250 million, was made by Pechersky district court on February 25.

The decision of the NBU in 2016 Surkis was recognized by the insiders of PrivatBank.

The reason for this decision of the NBU was that Ihor Surkis and Igor Kolomoisky were shareholders of the TV channel “1 + 1”. And this, in turn, indicates the relationship of the Surkis brothers with PrivatBank.

It is reported that in the accounts of PrivatBank from the family of Surkis was:

  • Igor Surkis — 151 million;
  • Polina Kovalik (wife of Grigory Surkis) – 514,1 million;
  • Gregory Surkis – 163,1 million;
  • Marina Surkis (daughter of Igor Surkis) – 174,5 million;
  • Romila Surkis (the father of the Surkis brothers), 44.8 million UAH.

The family of Surkis in the Ukrainian courts seeking cancellation of the decision on the recognition of their Association with PrivatBank.