PrivatBank launches behavioural biometrics

Mastercard jointly with PrivatBank launches platform NuDetect, which will allow you to test clients on their unique behaviour when interacting with devices or apps. About it reports a press-service of the Bank.

ПриватБанк запускает проект поведенческой биометрии

Specifies that this is the first project in Ukraine customer verification based on behavioral biometrics, it is necessary to provide additional security, because the security of banking transactions, often a single password authentication is not enough. Platform transparent authentication NuDetect (from NuData, Mastercard) will launch before the end of 2019.

NuDetect will enable online banking and the mobile application Privat24 customers checking on their unique behaviour when interacting with devices or apps. The solution analyzes hundreds of signals, including device characteristics, passive biometric and behavioral parameters. Then compares them with the image of a user’s behavior in the past. A sudden change in expected behavior, such as using the device with another language, the introduction of another text or too fast the page view some of the many powerful risk indicators.

Technology NuDetect already successfully operating in other countries of the world, providing unobtrusive continuous authentication. “Passive” biometrics allows to validate the user without any additional effort on his part.

“Using machine learning platform NuDetect creates a profile of the client, which collected more than 300 of its unique properties. According to these parameters the platform in real time determines if the user is a real customer or a fraudster,” said Natalia Karina, head of digital products of Mastercard in Ukraine.