Private construction tenders: the stages of

Строительные частные тендеры: этапы прохождения

To create a transparency of the transaction and were most often become tender bidding. Not spared this construction direction. Those wishing to obtain a new ordering a large number, but not many are resolved because of the uncertainty in the further implementation of the announced projects and the likelihood to obtain the specified order. How often the customer uses auctions to estimate the market value of the proposed work?

It can happen, that the participation in the tender has not led to the desired result. The reasons for this may be various discrepancy of the proposed work quality, high cost services or qualified personnel. But that is no reason to refuse the submission of requests to participation in private tenders, which offers a shopping portal. It is likely to work in large volume and for long term, but may experience some difficulty.

Making an offer at auction from a private customer appears in a list of securities, which involves the preparation of documents to tender. In this document, the customer describes the list of activities or services that it wishes to receive. Also spelled out requirements for the contractor, quality of works, deadlines and the amount of funds expended. All wishing to participate in the tender should read the list of required works and to undertake the necessary calculations on costs. In case you are interested in the project, prospective contractors submit an application.

There is also another option for individual entrepreneurs and organizations to find a worthy object. In this case, they describe the full range of construction and other types of services, which can offer. Make that information available to future customers and tenders the place. In the process of selecting a contractor, the customer will select 2-3 proposals individually to discuss the scope of work, time of completion of the work, the required quality of work and the financial part that satisfies both sides. Each of the parties evaluates the most attractive and financially beneficial options.

In General, private construction tenders aimed at the construction and repair of residential homes and apartments of individuals. the General scheme of phases of private construction tenders as follows:

The direction of the application.

The selection of proposals from said contractors.

The analysis of the received proposals and selection of a few optimal ones.

Negotiating with the performers on the object.

A detailed analysis of future work.

Study in the choice of materials used, showing completed projects as examples.

The signing of the contract and transition to work performance.

Each stage will require your careful consideration. Details looked every bid when choosing a contractor. All agreed changes introduced in the discussion of the project should be clearly stated in the contract.