Pro-Charest and anti-abortion inside Poilievre's shadow cabinet

Pro-Charest and anti-abortion inside Poilievre's ghost cabinet

and Anne Caroline Desplanques MISE À DAY

Pierre Poilievre unveiled an imposing shadow cabinet on Wednesday, which includes a role for certain colleagues who have campaigned in Jean Charest's camp while also leaving a few key positions to a certain number of anti-abortion elected officials.

Newly elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) just a month ago, he tried to cast a wide net trying to represent every region of the country by reserving positions for more of 70 of the 118 members of the caucus.

A sign that the hatchet is well and truly buried, Mr. Poilievre has offered roles to several Quebec elected officials who had supported Jean Charest in his campaign for the leadership of the PCC, including Gérard Deltell, who is offered the file of the Environment and Climate Change.

Joël Godin, who had threatened to leave the party if Mr. Poilievre won, will deal with Official Languages, a subject he knows well.

Former hockey coach Richard Martel, who represents Saguenay, will handle Sports.

Pierre Paul-Hus, the only Quebec conservative to side with Pierre Poilievre during the race, said to him inherited the position of Quebec lieutenant for the PCC. This puts him in the leader's inner circle.

The Finance file went to Jasraj Singh Hallan, elected from the Calgary, Alberta area.

Physician Stephen Ellis, elected in Nova Scotia, inherits Health. Manitoba Conservative James Bezan becomes Defense Critic, a position he has held since 2015.

A few well-known names are conspicuous by their absence from the party's list, starting former leader Erin O'Toole, to whom no significant role has been assigned.

One of the party's best-known personalities, Michelle Rempel Garner, former spokesperson for Health during the first year of the pandemic, has also been set aside.

Anti-abortion elected officials

Nearly a third of MPs appointed to Pierre Poilievre's shadow cabinet and inner circle are anti-abortion.

These include former Conservative Party leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis , named infrastructure spokesperson.

Apart from Ms. Lewis, 21 other elected officials named to the shadow cabinet say they are “pro-life”, according to data compiled by the Campaign Life Coalition, a lobby anti-abortion campaign.

To these 22 critics are added three other MPs appointed to the leader's bodyguard last month, including House Leader Andrew Scheer.

The cabinet ghost brings together 78 deputies who will have the task of hounding the Liberal ministers on their respective files in the House of Commons and in parliamentary committee.

The leader has entrusted anti-abortion workers with key files in the federal state apparatus: Justice, Defence, Natural Resources, Utilities and Procurement, Transportation and s Infrastructure.