Probable case of extreme road rage in Laval, a man fights for his life

Probable case of extreme road rage in Laval, man fights for his life< /p> UPDATE DAY

A 53-year-old man was fighting for his life Thursday morning after being involved in what appears to be an episode of extreme road rage in Laval.&nbsp ;

The event occurred shortly before 8 a.m. on the service road of Highway 15 North, near Boulevard du Souvenir.

Two cars were reportedly first had a run-in. Subsequently, one of the drivers allegedly got out of his car and was deliberately hit by the other motorist, who fled after the impact.

The victim was rushed to the hospital to treat very serious injuries. Doctors fear for his life.

A portion of the Highway 15 service road was completely closed to northbound traffic for part of the day.

Laval police investigators were to go to the scene to try to understand the sequence of events.

The suspect in this case has not yet been located.