Products again expensive: state statistics released inflation data

Inflation by the end of March 2020 in annual terms by 2.3%, slowing down for the month with 2.4 per cent. And in comparison with February of this year and December-2019 – 0.8% and 0.7% respectively.

This is evidenced by the state statistics service, reports UBR.

Продукты снова дорожают: Госстат обнародовал данные по инфляции

In March relative to February, there were these changes:

prices for foodstuffs and soft drinks rose by 0.4%: the most expensive buckwheat (+5,2%), fruit, sugar, rice, vegetables, pasta, beef has increased in price by 1.2-3.9 percent; eggs, by contrast, fell (-12,3%); poultry meat, milk, soft drinks, sour cream, cheeses became cheaper on 0,2-2,2%;

clothing and footwear rose by 12.8%;

tariffs for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels decreased by 2.8%; this was mainly due to cheaper natural gas by 11.6%, while hot water and heating – by 5.2%;

prices in the health sector increased by 1.4%, driven by higher prices of pharmaceutical products 1.9%;

fuel and oil has fallen in price on 1,7%;

prices in the communications sector grew 0.6% due to an increase in tariffs for local calls by 17.4%.