Products in the United States continue to expensive: how prices have changed over the last month

Over the past few months, Americans have seen rising prices at the grocery store, but some products are still cheaper, writes CNN.

Продукты в США продолжают дорожать: как изменились цены за последний месяц

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The price of food for home consumption increased in may by 1%, mainly due to the fact that prices of meat. Meat prices rose because of large processing plants closed temporarily due to ill COVID-19 workers.

At the same time, last month some of the goods fell. Here is brief information about what has changed and what is not.

Products that are more expensive

For lovers of Breakfast cereal news: the price of cereals rose by 1.4%.

Lunch and dinner will cost even more.

Prices for beef and veal increased by 10.8%. The increase in prices for some types of meat was even more significant: beef price increased by 19.5%, while prices for raw beef steaks jumped 11.6%. The price of pork chops rose by 8.4%. Fresh whole chickens cost 2% more.

The price of rice, pasta and corn flour increased by 1.8%. Salt and other condiments and spices went up by 1%.

Vegetables also rose in price.

Consumers paid 1.1% more for the potatoes, 1.9 percent more for tomatoes and 1 percent more for frozen vegetables. I think the bean it’s not so bad? Disappoint: dried beans, peas and lentils has risen 4.9%.

And the desserts also were not cheap. Ice cream has increased in price by 2.5%. Fresh cakes and cupcakes rose 1.8%, and sugar and sugar substitutes sold is 1.2% more expensive.

That fell

In may, some benefit could get people who eat a healthier Breakfast compared to cereal.

Egg prices fell by 4.8%. The bread fell 1.8%. Sausage for Breakfast became cheaper by 1.1%.

Roasted coffee fell 1.7%. Prices for citrus fruit dropped by 1.2%.

Reduced prices on goods shelf.

Prices for soups fell by 3.3%. Canned vegetables became cheaper by 1.2%. Olives, pickles and condiments fell by 2.4%.

Will please sweet lovers: prices for cookies fell by 3.1%.

Previous price

Prices on fresh fish and seafood fell by 0.1%, as well as the price of bacon. Salad rose 0.1%, as oil. Milk prices declined by 0.4%.

And if your head is spinning from how much it costs to fill the fridge, there is another news: in may, the spending on food outside the home rose 0.4%.



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