Products that generally better not to eat

Spanish nutritionists believe the misleading statement that “you can have everything, but in moderation.” In their opinion, some products should be excluded from the diet once and for all.

Продукты, которые вообще лучше не есть

Experts believe that refined flour where there are abrupt fluctuations in the level of glucose in the blood, brings nothing but harm. If you get carried away with this product, you can get sick with diabetes.

— In the process of processing of grain crops go to waste, fiber and other nutrients, in addition, refined foods have a high glycemic index, so they are less nutritious — say nutritionists.

They suggest to abandon the refined flour in favor of whole grain.

You should also avoid sausages because they are half composed of additives, starch and other substances. Among other things, and a lot of salt and sugar.

It is recommended to abandon low-fat dairy. Milk and dairy products with low fat content usually contain sugar, to somehow compensate for the lack of taste.

Cakes, snacks and semi-finished products and products, on the label which have such inscriptions as “low calorie”, “zero” and “sugar-free” at all. Also it’s definitely better to give up alcohol, the experts advise.