Products that should and should not buy in January

This month you will have a great opportunity to buy some goods at especially affordable prices. Ready to start? NerdWallet says what to buy and what to avoid in January 2020.

Товары, которые стоит и не стоит покупать в январе

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To buy: Christmas decorations

The period after Christmas a long time was the best time to buy Christmas decorations. Although, most likely, you bought everything for a last holiday before its start, in January, stores will still sell the remains of artificial Christmas trees, garlands, and shiny tinsel. If you have storage space, this is the best time to stock up on festive accessories for the next season.

Not to buy: toys

Toys scattered like hot cakes, during the holidays, but after Christmas is unlikely to be a lot of interest shares. The good news is that your children will probably for some time be satisfied with the December gifts.

To buy: TVs

January marks the beginning of a stock because retailers help buyers to prepare for a party with TV viewing. The super bowl scheduled for February 2, and it is expected that sales will begin in late January. Traditionally large retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others, before the large game make allowances for a wide range of TVs of different brands and sizes.

Do not buy mattresses

Big discounts on mattresses happen in February when sales are to-Day presidents. For example, in 2019 Mattress Firm offered a free adjustable base under the mattress along with the mattress for $ 599 or more. Nectar of Sleep has provided $ 125 plus free two pillows with purchase of mattress Nectar.

This year presidents Day — February 17, so wait another month to buy a new mattress. After that, discounts will be back in may, the weekend in honor of memorial Day and in September the weekend over labor Day.

Buy: fitness equipment

January is a great time to enroll in the gym with a discount, as many networks offer special Christmas fares. But don’t waste the money if you are not sure that your use of the membership. Too often new members are buying it for a year and then stop going after a month or two. But if you prefer to study at home fitness equipment will also be discounted.

Buy “white sale”

You may not want to buy a whole new mattress but you can save money on sheets and blankets that you can use with your existing. January is a period when stores hold “white sales” to free up your range of sheets, towels and blankets. Last year stores offer 60% -70% discount on basic bedding.

Bonus: the sale in honor of Martin Luther king

You may not associate Martin Luther king, Jr. with their purchases, but retailers certainly do that. The holiday falls on January 20, and you can expect discounts on clothing and home goods. The main sales during weekends up to 75% included a discount on bedding at Bloomingdale’s and a coupon for 40% off when you purchase at Gap.

Bonus: national spaghetti day

In January should monitor not only the sales. A calendar filled with days of observation for almost everything, and one of them is national spaghetti day — January 4 comes. Use this day as a chance to get dinner on the house at participating restaurants.

Take the time to save money

Since you’re looking for discounts at the end of the season, keep in mind that the expectations of low prices are not enough, says Ozalp Lakes, Professor of management at the University of Texas at Dallas. You will need to take the time to search. Good action may mean that the product will quickly understand. It is especially important to spend extra time if your on a budget.