Products to protect against heart attacks and stroke

If you eat some peanuts with food, it helps to protect against heart attacks and stroke. In this case, peanuts reduces the impact on the arteries of harmful substances, the level of which increases in the body after a meal.

Продукты для защиты от сердечных приступов и инсульта

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States it was found that consumption of peanuts with a meal may help protect a person from cardiovascular disease: heart attacks and strokes. According to experts, after eating in the blood is a sharp jump of lipids and triglycerides — fats that can worsen the condition of the arteries and lead to cardiovascular disease.

The results showed that in healthy men who ate about 85 grams of peanuts along with food with high fat content, was observed to stop increasing the level of lipids in the blood. Also it was noted a decrease in triglycerides (by 32%).

“As a rule, whenever we eat something, our arteries after a meal be a bit more harsh due to the increase of triglycerides. But if you eat peanuts while eating, it can help prevent a reaction of hardness,” — said the scientists.

Scientists explain that the reaction of stiffness occurs in the cells that line our arteries. This leads to reduced elasticity in the arteries, it restricts the availability of nitric oxide, helping them to expand. Over time, the reaction of arterial stiffness can restrict blood flow throughout the body and force the heart to work harder thereby increasing the risk of serious cardiovascular problems, particularly heart failure.

The use of the peanut with food helps to protect against adverse process.