Products, which can ache joints

According to physicians, some foods can harm the joints, especially if they already have any problems.

Продукты, из-за которых могут разболеться суставы

From diseases of the joints suffer almost 40 percent of Russians, say doctors.

So, in arthritis is contraindicated in saturated fats, which are contained, for example, in cheese, fatty meat and butter. For people with weakened joints the harmful TRANS fats contained in fast food, cakes, cakes, curd cheese. All this may contribute to the inflammatory process.

To prevent exacerbations, the doctors recommended to control the consumption of salt. But in rheumatoid arthritis the pain may worsen due to foods with high sugar content.

Very useful to enter in your daily diet for those who have aching joints, rich in chondroprotectors (i.e. substances that improve the structure of cartilage) chicken and beef cartilage. A lot of useful contain fish dishes. Therefore, in the countries cuisine which includes seafood, the percentage of arthritis is much lower.

The most common disease of joints — arthritis and arthrosis. Arthritis — group of diseases in which the primary inflammation of the joint. The reason may be an infection, sometimes quite harmless, like the common cold. Arthrosis — also a group of diseases characterized by primary changes in tissue, most often they occur with age or after injury.