Professional secrets: the flight attendants told why they never get sick

The plane is usually full of germs. Most of them do not have a huge danger to humans, but you should definitely think twice before touching something in the plane. Flight attendants do not have much choice in the matter and are constantly exposed to bacteria. But somehow, they never get sick. This writes the Reader’s Digest.

Профессиональные секреты: бортпроводники рассказали, почему они никогда не болеют

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If you are the type of people who do not feel very well after one hour of flight, you may be wondering how the crew can stay healthy, despite the fact that they are very often fly.

Maintain moisture balance

Taylor Strickland, the lead flight attendant Alerion Aviation during his career was sick once. Her main advice? Drink a “ton of water” during the flight. “Flying dehydrates, and if you are dehydrated, your body is a little weaker, making it difficult to fight the microbes that you encounter,” she says. Similarly, Lauren Gilfoyle, a crew member with Emirates airline, said that buys a liter of water before each flight and drink it during the flight.

Avoid tap water, coffee or tea

Despite the fact that you have to drink water, it is better to avoid these drinks. In addition, the study of water quality on aircraft, held in 2015, showed that the water tanks “contribute to the growth of microbes”. Instead, ask for bottled water or bring your own.

Use wet wipes

It is not only refreshing, when you wipe the hands with wet wipes, and normalizes the level of germs. In addition to the wet wipes you can use a moisturizing cream and apply argan oil on the face.

Take supplements to support the immune system

Despite the lack of scientific justification for the use of various vitamin supplements, it is believed that this is a great way to prevent the disease. Strickland said she always keeps such supplements to yourself as a preventive measure.

Disinfect the surface of the aircraft

Unfortunately, many of the planes are not cleaned as they should, so sometimes you have to do it yourself. Strickland always carries a travel set of wipes, and during the flight she wipes surface wipes to disinfect them as much as possible.

Never eat directly from the tables

Although a good idea to bring your own antibacterial wipes and clean the table, however, safer not to eat from it directly. “The dirtiest part of the plane are the tables — people always put their heads, change their diapers and put them on his feet — told a flight attendant JetBlue. — I wouldn’t eat there even after disinfection”.

Drink healthy juices

Strickland also likes to drink the green juices containing ingredients such as ginger and lemon. “For many it will seem quirky, but for me it is possible to obtain different nutrients, always and everywhere,” she says.

Try to relax and relieve stress

There is definitely a connection between stress and your health, so better to avoid it when possible. One way to do this is a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Avoid caffeine

It is tempting to drink a Cup of coffee before the morning departure, but it is better not to do it. “Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they are a major cause of dehydration, she says. — Instead, to support the moisture balance during the flight, drink fruit juice.

Eat fruits and raw vegetables

Foods water based such as fruits and raw vegetables not only provide you with hydration and prevent puffiness, but will also give you extra boost of important antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you not get infected during the flight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important in order to help cope with the physical demands of flight and constant changes of time zones. Bobrovniki regularly experiencing time zone changes, irregular scheme of sleep and long flights, which can disrupt the systems of the body. Proper nutrition and regular exercise helps the body to stay healthy.

But do not exercise immediately after a flight

Stewardess Sophie John advises not to go to the gym immediately after the flight. “It makes no sense to force your body to train without sufficient rest, rehydration and time to acclimate to new time zone”, — she said.

Sleep during the flight

Although this is not always an option for flight attendants, quick sleep during your flight can help you avoid a sharp change of time zones. That’s why Heather Sanchez, flight attendant Hawaiian Airlines recommends that you create a set to sleep which includes a neck pillow, headphones and eye mask with built in eye — special cavity to cover the light, smudging the ink.


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