“Professionals” helped the young man from Toronto to spend $30000 for 30 minutes (PHOTO)

«Профессионалы» помогли молодому человеку из Торонто потратить $30000 за 30 минут (ФОТО)

A young resident of Toronto lost nearly $ 30,000 in just 30 minutes after his wallet was stolen by “professional crooks”, who immediately went to Yorkdale shopping centre.

Anthony Spagnolo, who owns a consulting firm specializing in construction management, said that, in his opinion, he pulled out his wallet September 5 in the area of Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue at the time when he was heading to a cafe to meet with clients over lunch.

29-year-old young man came to the cafe around 12:10 and found out something was wrong only 12:40 when received from American Express a message that someone was trying to change the username of the account on the Internet.

Noticing a lack of wallet, Spagnolo I called the company who provided him with a credit card, and was shocked to find out that was already spent thousands of dollars.

“The thieves went straight to Yorkdale shopping centre and started to spend money,” said Spagnolo in an interview on Monday.

Recording credit card indicate that the fraud has spent more than $ 15,000 in Apple four separate purchases. In addition, approximately $9,000 was spent in Holt Renfrew, $2,000 in Continental Currency Exchange and thousands in cash was removed from two debit cards.

Police in Toronto confirmed that they are investigating the case on charges of fraud, but currently they have no suspects.

“I’m worried about identity theft, said Spagnolo. – These criminals are clearly professionals, they know what they’re doing.”

“Can’t be that it was the work of one person.”

Spagnolo contacted by CTV News Toronto after reading similar stories about the businessman who lost $ 19,000 in 27 minutes in the financial district on September 9.

“My jaw dropped when I saw this story, said Spagnolo. – It happened around the same time and also credit cards.”

Spagnolo said that he already replaced it, but said that all of this brought a lot of inconvenience.

Spaniolo promised that in future he will keep only one credit card to avoid relapse.