Programming, drawing, languages: how to spend a weekend (5-7 June)

Training, entertainment and travel online — a very convenient pastime. Your plans can influence neither weather nor traffic jams, nor a shoestring budget. So armed with a laptop or phone and forward to the action!

Программирование, рисование, языки: как провести выходные (5-7 июня)

Collage: ForumDaily

So, to the people of new York city, we offer you to learn all the intricacies of programming in Python, to improve their knowledge of English grammar and admire the coral reef.

Miami’s residents can take the course “Financial literacy” to visit the treasure gallery of the Hermitage, and find out what it means to be modern.

Losangelesca have the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of Central Park or improve your English in courses from Puzzle English and Busuu.

Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, we offer you to develop critical thinking, learn to paint with watercolors or learn more about Ilya Repin in 100 seconds.

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IMPORTANT! Due to quarantine measures in connection with the new coronavirus, some activities may be cancelled or postponed. Check the information on the websites of the organizers.

In addition, interesting events for every day of the week you can find in our calendar. Come, learn and share with your friends. Before you visit, check on the websites of the organizers of the details and venue as they can change.

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