‘Project’ spoke about the participation of Russian political consultants in elections of the President of Bolivia, which introduced a state of emergency while the counting of votes (PHOTO)

'Проект' рассказал об участии российских политтехнологов в выборах президента Боливии, который ввел ЧП во время подсчета голосов (ФОТО)

In the election campaign of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was attended by Russian spin doctors hired by the company “Rosatom”. Thus, Moscow wants to ensure the presence of Russian state-owned companies, in the first place, “Rosatom”, in Bolivia, according to the portal of independent journalists “Project”.

According to “Project” throughout the summer and early fall in Bolivia worked with a team of technologists of the company “Rosatom”, which was supervised from the Kremlin. “Rosatom” uniting all nuclear companies and enterprises of the nuclear weapons complex of Russia, is traditionally in charge of policy in their closed cities (ZATO). For example, in 2016, when Russia chose the current Parliament, the spin doctors hired by “Rosatom”, provided the victory of “United Russia” in ten BUT.

The first in the country’s history the President, representing the indigenous Indian population, came to power after the elections in December 2005. Then he was re-elected in 2009 and 2014, despite the ban to run for a third consecutive term. The constitutional court recognized the legality of re-election, considering that the first term of President “not counted” in connection with the amendments to the main law of the country.

Bolivians support Morales provided a sharply higher standard of living in the country, largely due to the high price of oil and gas. In 2016, after a series of political scandals Morales lost specially organized referendum on changes to the Constitution that would allow him to run for a fourth term, however, the Supreme Tribunal of justice allowed him to participate in the elections on 20 October. The campaign was followed by street protests that broke out in Bolivia due to the fact that the government is slow to respond to large-scale forest fires.

After the nationalization of the economy, Morales has admitted to the market of their country by Russian companies. So, the “Rosatom” there was a contract with Bolivia for the construction of the El Alto nuclear center cost $300 million, “Gazprom” became the participant of projects on gas production , and the company “Helicopters of Russia” has promised a big order from Bolivia.

Fearing that in case of loss of Morales, these projects may remain unfulfilled, “Rosatom” has sent a group of political advisers with experience in regional campaigns in Russia. Their task was including opposition to the author of the social media posts. particular, they were placed in social networks the posts that mention theses programs Morales “One Bolivia for all” and was engaged in the fight against competitors.

The group, who stayed in Bolivia are approximately from 4 June to 25 September, were the strategists and consultants, at different times, helped the Russian authorities with elections in Samara and Yekaterinburg. In the group, in particular, was Alexander Sheremetiev (formerly bore the name Pustovoy), which during the last elections in the Duma waged a successful campaign of United Russia Alexei Balyberdina, people from Uralvagonzavod. Another technologist Valery Soloviev is Director of “Agency of Internet campaigning”, which during the recent elections of St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov was involved in including work with fake social media accounts, and is responsible for the use of the system “prism” analyzing sentiments in the blogosphere.

The bulk of the group returned to Moscow in October, that is, without waiting for the voting day. In conversations with my friends one of them complained that the work was difficult because of the differences in the headquarters of Morales, and the members of the mission now fear international sanctions for the participation in the elections abroad.

While the efforts of the Russian engineers did not helped Morales to win. 20 Oct is the announcement of the election results, the country began a scandal: first the data has shown that the President failed to win in the first round and will need a second (he scored 45% against 38% for his opponent Carlos Mesa), but then the vote count was suspended, Morales declared himself the winner, and many Bolivians took to the protest.

Morales himself has called mass protests an attempted coup, prepared with international support right-wing forces, the newspaper El Deber.

The President of Bolivia announced the introduction of a state of emergency, which will operate in the country in connection with mass protests around the counting of votes on elections of the head of state.

“Not going to have a confrontation, to enforce the state of emergency, peaceful and constitutional mobilization to defend democracy,” said Morales.