Promised 30 years ago: American shared with another multimillion jackpot

The man kept his promise to a friend nearly 30 years ago and had shared with him winning the lottery in the amount of $ 22 million, says CBS News.

Пообещал 30 лет назад: американец разделил с другом многомиллионный джекпот

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In 1992, the two friends made a promise: if one of them will win the Powerball jackpot, he will split the winnings with others.

After almost 30 years one of them did it — and kept his promise, sealed with a handshake.

All this happened in early July, when Thomas cook bought a ticket in Powerball in Menomonie, Wisconsin. In the end, he won the jackpot.

After learning that he won a whopping $ 22 million, cook called up his friend Joe Feeney and told him the news.

“He called me and I asked: “are You trying to fool?”, says Feeney.

Cook, however, wasn’t joking, despite the low odds of winning: the probability of hitting the jackpot Powerball are 1 201 292 338, according to the statistics of the lottery.

Cook and Feeney chose the cash option, which allowed them to pick up about 16.7 million dollars — each received 5.7 million dollars after taxes. None of the friends does not have any extravagant plans for their winnings, but to enjoy retirement.

Feeney was already in retirement. After winning Cooke submitted an application of resignation to his job and said that now friends can “live as they see fit”.

“I can’t think of a better way to retire,” said cook.

Soon the friends are planning to visit their families.

“The power of friendship and the handshake has paid off, said in a press release the Director of the lottery Wisconsin Cindy Polzin. — I am thrilled with them — their happy day has come!”




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