Promoter Solovyov gave a truthful nickname in Russia: network delighted

Пропагандисту Соловьёву дали правдивое прозвище в России: сеть в восторге

The Russian showman Ivan Urgant joked about the song of Boris Grebenshchikov “Evening M” in which the narrator mocked the television propagandists. Showman hinted that the song could be devoted to propagandist TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Solovyov.

“We all who work in the evenings, we are a lovely big family. Every morning we Wake up to the radio each other”, — said in his transfer Urgant.

In comments to the video posted on Twitter, users decided that the nickname “Evening *dozvon” is now forever entrenched in Solovyov.

Recall that in the Grebenshchikov song “glorified” a collective image of Russian propagandist. After listening to the song, netizens immediately decided that the song is addressed to Vladimir Solovyov.

It is noteworthy that the promoter had correctly understood the hint, and in his Telegram channel suggested that Grebenshikov was bitten by a “black widow”, “Bandera Ukraine”.

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