Protection Alexey Burkov has filed in the High court of justice of Israel against the decision of the Minister of justice for his extradition to the U.S. (PHOTOS)

Защита Алексея Буркова подала в Высший суд справедливости Израиля апелляцию на решение министра юстиции  о его экстрадиции в США (ФОТО)

Protection held in Israeli prison at the request of the American in 2015 Alexey Burkov has filed Sunday in the Supreme court of justice of Israel against the decision of the Minister of justice of the Jewish state Amir Potection for his extradition to the United States, reports TASS with reference to the lawyer of Russian Mikhail Ironi.

“Today, we filed our appeal on the decision of the Minister of justice of Israel Supreme court of justice. We want to appeal the decision of the Minister of justice, as we talked about this before. Literally five minutes ago, my assistant gave it to the office of the court, it passed, it was attached to the case,” said Ironi.

The lawyer added that the defence “was also asked to prohibit the extradition of Mr. Burkov”. “The procedure may take time,” he said. “We also asked the Ministry of justice of Israel gave an exhaustive answer to nitros: what was supposed Minister of justice, when he came to this opinion . In its decision there was none,” continued the defender.

He explained that “once the defense submits a request, the court automatically issues an instruction to the Ministry of justice to respond to the request and explain why you do not provide what is requested.”

“After they will respond in writing, will be assigned a session – added Ironi. – Would be banned, moreover, the state will have to explain their position, i.e. the position of the Minister of justice why he had come to a particular opinion.”

November 1, recall that the Israeli court has suspended the procedure of extradition of a Russian Burkova in the United States after the petition family Issachar.

He Burkov told reporters on Sunday in the hall of the Supreme court justice of Israel in Jerusalem, he expects to return to Russia.
“Go back to Russia,” said Burkov Russian journalists in response to the question about what he expects. He also noted that he considers “aggressive” the decision of the Minister of justice of Israel, Amir Potection from 30 October for his extradition to the United States. Burkov said that he wants his case was made public. “Yes,” he replied to a question from Russian journalists.

High court of justice of Israel hold hearing on Sunday a petition to the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz”, which journalists insist on the fact that the materials in the case of Russia was published. Following consideration, the court allowed the Israeli press to the records of the case.
Earlier, the Jerusalem District court has considered the US request for the extradition of a Russian citizen in the closed mode, all materials are classified in 2015.

Burkov was detained December 13, 2015, at the request of the United States during the passport control upon departure from Israel. American authorities insist on extradition of Russian citizen in connection with their alleged evidence of his involvement in cybercrime.
October 30, according to the newspaper Jerusalem Post, justice Minister of the Jewish state signed a warrant for issuing Burkova United States. The Russian side has also sent a request to Israel to extradite Burkova.

On 11 October the Khimki city court has recognized the Naama Issachar guilty in smuggling of narcotic drugs in large amount and appointed her a sentence of seven years and six months in a penal colony. 25-the summer citizen of Israel and the United States were arrested on 9 April at Sheremetyevo, where did transplant on the way from Delhi to tel Aviv and waiting for your flight without leaving the transit area of the Moscow airport.

On her Luggage drew the attention of sniffer dogs and customs officers of Department on struggle against contraband found in the backpack of 9.6 grams of drugs, which examination found as hashish.