Protection from coronavirus after quarantine 3 items without which you cannot get out of the house

As States across the country continue to ease restrictions caused by the pandemic COVID-19, more and more Americans come out of the safe shelter of their homes. But the meeting with friends or family, visiting the office and their way of life now looks very different, because COVID-19 still poses a risk, says Fox News.

Защита от коронавируса после карантина: 3 предмета, без которых нельзя выходить из дома

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The opening of the country has prompted the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) to issue recommendations to reduce risks. In particular, they mentioned several items that you should bring with you when you leave the house.

According to the Federal Agency, fabric facial masks, disinfectant for hands, which includes at least 60% alcohol, and a swipe or three key items that you should bring.

CDC recommendations for facial tissue coverings correspond to what the Agency has advised for many months. In April, the CDC has updated its guidelines, recommending all Americans to wear a cloth facial covering during the stay in public places, “especially in areas with significant public transmission”.

The Agency also recommended the use of disinfectant for the hands with an alcohol content of at least 60% since the beginning of the pandemic, although it is preferable to thorough and proper hand washing.

Wipes are useful because they provide some protective barrier between your hands and dirty surfaces such as door handles. But one health worker said that the wipes are also important to prevent the spread of infectious germs, when there is a desire to sneeze or cough.

“If you have to cough or sneeze, you can do it in their own hands, and in a tissue — hence, to minimize the risk of spreading germs,” said Linda Morgan, an expert on health in MotivationNook.

“In this case you must throw them away immediately after use and immediately wash hands to avoid transfer of germs to the objects we touch”, she added.



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