Protection from heart attack, obesity, melanoma: we investigated the properties of orange peel

Orange peel may protect against several dangerous diseases, including obesity, heart disease, melanoma. Guess this was made by scientists from the USA who studied the properties of the peel and conducted a series of experiments.

Защита от инфаркта, ожирения, меланомы: исследованы свойства апельсиновой корки

Scientists from Florida and Texas universities are Autonomous from each other conducted a study using orange peel. In particular, experts from Florida added a crust to feed mice. As a result, the rodents who ate enough fatty food, not overweight, and less likely to suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels compared to control animals, which did not give an orange peel.

According to one of the researchers, Dr. Yu Wang, orange peel, quite possibly, able to keep the weight gain in humans.

In addition, scientists say that compounds of the orange peel are not allowed to form in the body of the trimethylamine – the substance that is involved in the processes associated with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, damaging tissues. Thus the crust can protect against heart attack.

At the University of Texas scientists also studied the properties of the substances contained in orange peel. They found that the skin cream with the addition of orange extract can help prevent melanoma. Currently, the researchers intend to examine the effects of orange on the prevention of breast cancer.

In particular, the peel contains many antioxidants which purify the upper layers of the skin and do not leave the Oncology odds. Now scientists from Texas received a grant in the amount of more than a million dollars on researching orange waste and their impact on the prevention of breast cancer.

It is interesting that the suppliers of citrus have learned huge amounts were allocated for experiments. They call scientists and write letters to them to offer their products and find out what types of oranges will soon be in demand.