Protection of the oil in Syria is a secondary objective U.S. forces, says state Department (PHOTO)

Охрана нефти в Сирии - второстепенная задача войск США, утверждает Госдепартамент (ФОТО)

Protection of Syrian oil fields under the control of local opposition groups is a secondary task of U.S. troops. With such a statement was made on Tuesday in a special telephone briefing for journalists, the representative of the U.S. State Department’s highest rank, reports TASS.

“U.S. forces in northeast Syria specifically to fight terrorism, to guarantee the defeat of the IG*. This is the main problem. There are some resulting secondary tasks, such as working with local partners in the face of SDS (coalition “Forces of a democratic Syria”, the backbone of which are Kurdish. – Approx. TASS), the protection of the oil fields that ISIS* and other potentially hostile forces have not got them, and various other missions that occur from time to time”, – said the employee of the American foreign Ministry. Briefing with his participation was devoted to the forthcoming in Washington November 14, a meeting of foreign Ministers of countries in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS*.

“If you remember, we conducted joint patrols with the Turks. It was a mission involving the destruction of ISIS*, since we are guaranteed that keep the situation as cool as possible, so that we partner in the SDS could focus on the fight against ISIS* mainly along the Euphrates,” – said the diplomat.

According to the information from a secondary combat problems of this kind constantly arise in the course of various military operations abroad. “However, is in relation to the military objectives happens all the time. Appear minor and related tasks. The Pentagon can speak on this subject in more detail. Nevertheless, we speak about it openly as a diplomatic and military channels,” concluded the host of the briefing.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation from December 29, 2014