Protein no carb diet way to lose weight

Lose weight without of carbohydrates and fats easier, but along with overweight have a risk of losing health. The main danger of such a diet.

Белковая безуглеводная диета – опасный способ похудеть

It would seem that there is nothing easier for weight loss, how to give up everything that contains carbs, and go to almost uncontrolled consumption of proteins. No carbs will leave extra fat and proteins will help build muscle definition. Is it simple? Let’s face it.

Let’s start with the stomach. Increased secretion of acidic gastric juice to break down proteins is fraught with gastritis and stomach ulcers. Are we willing to pay the price for leaving a couple of kilos?

Stagnation in the intestines, constipation and reproduction of putrefactive microflora will occur due to the lack of fiberthat we received with cereals and vegetables. We need such problems?

The decay products of the large amounts of protein are quite toxic and it will not benefit the liver.

Finally, the kidneys can not cope with deducing and scored high blood levels of amino acids.

You can go on and on. Pay attention to the cardiovascular system, to look at other bodies. But perhaps it is time to remind you that the human body is a complex system, for normal operation which does not require excessive extremes.

Limit the exclusion from the diet quick of refined carbohydrates: sugar, flour, abstain from soft drinks and control the fat intake. Give yourself a moderate exercise, and be reasonable in the experiments on your health.