Protesters in Hong Kong despite ban ‘celebrated’ the 70th anniversary of China anti-government actions with barricades and riots (VIDEO, PHOTOS) (PHOTOS)

Протестующие в Гонконге несмотря на запрет 'отметили' 70-летие КНР антиправительственными акциями с баррикадами и погромами (ВИДЕО, ФОТО) (ФОТО)

In many parts of Hong Kong have been anti-government protests, timed to the day of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. As reported on live local television, the main disturbances observed in the mainland part of the city. Aggressive activists have erected barricades, threw in the custody order stones and bottles with an incendiary mix, pogroms.

In a residential district of Tun mun radicals doused police corrosive liquid which also got on journalists. The stream of protests are The Guardian and CNN.

About 100 thousand people, according to some estimates, participated in mass demonstrations in downtown Hong Kong island where arrested at least 30 people. In connection with the riots in the city closed many outlets, disrupted the movement of buses on a number of routes, the operator of railway transport Hong Kong MTR Corporation has closed more than 30 subway stations. Protesters shout anti-government slogans, organize acts of vandalism, sabotage festive banners. It is also reported numerous arrests carried out during the day.

The police used to disperse radical groups with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. In one of the suburbs of Hong Kong with a gunshot wound to the hospitalized man. Also in the hospital received 14 people, two of whom have already been discharged, the status of the other 12 is stable. Among the victims is the journalist of RTHK, received a head injury after the incident the company has asked his colleagues to leave the streets. The Hong Kong police also released a statement in which he asked residents not to leave their homes because of the protests.

On the eve of Hong Kong has banned a large protest March, local media also reported the detention of several activists, including local politicians and actors suspected of involvement in the storming of the Legislative Council on 1 July and there perpetrated the massacre. Activists believe the arrest an attempt to intimidate other protesters.

The police warned that the national day in Hong Kong would be “very, very dangerous,” and referred to intelligence on possible attacks and even impending killings by radical protesters. Due to the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong have reduced the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

Protests continue in Hong Kong 17 weeks in a row. The reason for the demonstrations was an attempt by the authorities to adopt the bill on extradition, which allows to give offenders mainland China. Despite the decision of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam to abandon this initiative, protests continue. The participants need to convene an independent Commission to investigate police brutality during the dispersal of protests, release all detained activists, and to cease to classify the protests as “riots”, as well as to carry out electoral reform for the introduction of direct democratic elections in Hong Kong.