Protests in the US: more than 10 thousand people arrested for curfew violation and crimes

More than 10,000 people were arrested during the protests, condemning racism and police brutality over the death of George Floyd. This writes the Huff Post.

Протесты в США: более 10 тысяч человек арестованы за нарушение комендантского часа и преступления

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The number of arrests grew by the hundreds every day, when protesters took to the streets and faced intense police presence and a curfew, which give law enforcement agencies enhanced powers of arrest.

In Los Angeles it was more than a quarter of all arrests followed by new York, Dallas and Philadelphia. According to defense attorneys for property crimes issues, many of the arrests were for crimes of low level, such as violations of curfew and failure to disperse from the protest. Hundreds were arrested on charges of theft and looting. Have a look at this NJ cop charged for punching woman and how the legal battle took place.

The policy stated that most of the protesters were supporters of the agitators, including the Governor of Minnesota that 80 percent of the participants were from other States.

According to Hennepin County Sheriff, for nearly a 24-hour period from the evening of Saturday, may 30, until Sunday noon, may 31, 41 of the 52 arrested persons related to the protest, had a driver’s license in Minnesota.

In the capital, 86% of more than 400 people arrested as of Wednesday, 3 June, was from Washington (D.C.), Maryland, and Virginia.

It is unknown how many of those arrested ended up in jail. Protesters are often placed in cars and taken from the scene in buses.

In Los Angeles online campaign to raise funds collected up to $2 million to help more than 3,000 people arrested at demonstrations after the death of George Floyd may 25 in Minneapolis.

Cath Rogers, Executive Director of the National lawyers Guild in Los Angeles, said that he was surprised about the huge number of arrests in the city. The office encourages detainees to make contact so they could help. Yet asked for help about 400 people, she said.

She said that some people were arrested because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a woman who just went for an evening stroll and did not participate in the protest. Or the young man who shot the robbery on the phone and then was arrested for looting.

“I’ve been here two years, and we’ve seen hundreds of demonstrations but I’ve never seen this,” she said.

On Tuesday, the chief of police of Los Angeles Michael Moore said that most of the arrests, about 2,500, was the unwillingness of the crowd to disperse or failure to comply with the curfew. The rest were for crimes including burglary, robbery, attacks on police and other acts of violence, said Moore. The only other place in the U.S. where the number of arrests is coming to Los Angeles, this is new York, where was arrested about 2,000 people.

A group called the Foundation for the people’s city Council as of Wednesday, June 3rd, raised over $2 million for arrested demonstrators through the online platform to raise funds GoFundMe. More than 46 000 people donated mostly small amounts, some of which were only $10 or $20.

According to organizers of fundraisers, hundreds of thousands of dollars collected will go to Black Lives Matter LA, National lawyers Guild, a progressive group that protects activists for civil rights from 1930-ies.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • May 27, George Floyd, an African-American from Minneapolis, died after a police officer Minneapolis strangled him with his knee. Officer Derek Chauvin was fired and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter; three other officers also lost their jobs. Protests and riots subsequently broke out in Minneapolis and across the country.
  • The Governor of Minnesota said that the protests in connection with the death of an African-American George Floyd, covering dozens of cities in the United States, not connected with the murder, and provoked the visiting radicals.
  • Protests in Minneapolis have increased dramatically in the evening of 27 may, when the Metropolitan police have applied the response to looted and burned shops in the town, and shooting fatalities in the protest.
  • May 31, drove a truck into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis (mn). Driving a car was a US citizen, supposedly of Ukrainian origin, Bogdan Vechirko. He was arrested, but on 2 June released from custody pending further investigation. In the end, charges against him are not nominated.
  • About 40 cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit and Philadelphia, have banned street demonstrations after dark. The governors of Texas and Virginia declared a state of emergency.
  • In connection with the protests in cities across the US embassies of Ukraine and Russia has asked its citizens living on the territory of the state, to maintain order and to avoid crowds and to comply with security measures.
  • June 1, Donald trump introduced the 1807 act, allowing him to send armed forces to the United States, shaken by riots in connection with the death of George Floyd.
  • According to the results of the official autopsy of George Floyd, his death was caused by mechanical asphyxiation and should be treated as violent.
  • As of June 4 victims of mass protests in the United States were at least 11 people.
  • All police officers involved in the death of George Floyd was arrested. They face up to 40 years in prison.




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