Protests in the US turned into a riot: there are victims

In several American cities on the weekend protests, which escalated into violence. At the courthouse in Portland (or), clashes of demonstrators with Federal agents in Seattle (WA) police were forced to retreat to the building site, in California and Virginia were burning cars. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Протесты в США переросли в беспорядки: есть жертвы

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Protest against police violence, held in Austin (Texas), turned fatal when, according to police, one of the participants was shot and killed a man who entered a crowd of demonstrators. In Aurora (Colorado) people were wounded when a car drove into the protesters, said the authorities.

Excitement on Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26, were a continuation of weeks of protests against racial injustice and police treatment of people with non-white skin color, which began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on may 25. Black Floyd died, being handcuffed after a white police officer applied a choke hold for about eight minutes, despite the words of Floyd that he can’t breathe.

In Seattle, police were forced to retreat to the police station a few hours after large demonstrations in the Capitol hill district. Some demonstrators were detained after police entered the building plot at about midnight, but most soon left.

At night a press-conferences the chief of police of Seattle Carmen the best called for peace. During the riots at the weekend in police flew stones, bottles and fireworks. Police announced the arrest of 45 people for attacking officers, obstruction of their activities and failure to disperse. The clashes injured 21 officer, but in most cases, the injuries were minor, police said.

In Portland, thousands of people gathered on Saturday, July 25, in the evening another night of protests against the murder of George Floyd and presence of Federal agents recently sent to the city by US President Donald trump. The demonstrators broke through a fence installed around the Federal courthouse, which housed the agents.

Police have classified the events as civil strife and about 01:20 ordered people to leave the area around the court under threat of arrest, saying on Twitter that the violence has created a “serious threat” to the public. About 20 minutes later, Federal officers and local police tried to clear the area and used tear gas, but protesters remained in place after 02:30, forming lines at intersections and holding makeshift shields, while the police patrolled and blocked adjacent to the district’s neighborhoods. Have been made numerous arrests, but exact number is still unknown.

In the capital of Texas, Austin, 28-year-old Garrett foster was shot dead on Saturday evening, July 25, the man who drove the marchers against police violence.

The Austin police chief Brian Manley reported that the car turned into the street where stood the demonstrators and honked. The driver and several witnesses reported that foster approached the driver and pointed at his gun.

In the video, which was broadcast to Facebook, I hear honking car, and then heard multiple gunshots, demonstrators begin to shout and run away in search of shelter. After this it is clear that the police are trying to help the man lying on the street.

According to Manley, the driver called 911 to report the incident, and was detained, but later released. Police said the driver’s name.

The mother of Garrett, Sheila foster, said that her son was being transported through the intersection his bride in a wheelchair when the suspect “randomly” went through the crowd. According to her, the driver shot her son three times.

Meanwhile, in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, a protester wounded man after a car drove into a demonstration on the highway. The wounded man was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. Police did not disclose many details regarding the shooting. In particular, it is unclear whether the victim was in the car. Police said on Twitter that the protesters also caused “serious damage” to the courthouse.

Demonstrators in Oakland (CA) set fire to the courthouse, and damaged the police station, smashed Windows, painted graffiti, launched fireworks at police and blinding them with lasers after a peaceful demonstration on Saturday, July 25, the evening turned violent.

In the Virginia capital of Richmond on Saturday evening during clashes between protesters and police was set on fire a dump truck. Around 23:00, the police qualified the event as “unlawful Assembly” and, apparently, tear gas and the crowd dispersed. Five people were arrested, they were charged with illegal Assembly. Another man was arrested and charged with rioting and assault on a law enforcement officer.

In the centre of Atlanta (GA) on Saturday evening, July 25, there were broken Windows of the building to immigration and customs control. No arrests have been made.

In Baltimore (MD), the group of nearly 100 people struck antipanicescoe the inscription on the building of the Fraternal order of police and the surrounding sidewalks.



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