Proud imperfect!

Proud imperfect!


It was supposed to be launched a year ago, then last winter. Emmanuel Bilodeau's new show has been “tested” and presented across Quebec over the past few months. However, its Montreal premiere will be presented next Friday at the Outremont theatre.

Comedian and actor Emmanuel Bilodeau will finally present the premiere of his show Manu Bilodeux in troubleFriday in Montreal. A multidisciplinary artist, he sees himself as a humorous storyteller “who is neither quite a humorist nor quite a good storyteller,” he laughs. We understand better what he means when he talks to us about his inspirations à la Boucar Diouf, Fred Pellerin and Yvon Deschamps. 

Manu favors self-mockery to make people laugh in a light way and allows himself to improvise over this hour and a half of discussion “going in all directions, in my image”. The 58-year-old artist tackles the challenges of his daily life as an artist father of children aged 4, 12, 14 and 26, of humanity in general and of the environment in particular, while delivering a political discourse. humorous and by tackling intimate subjects such as her fertility.

Without filter

« I talk about what concerns me and what bothers me. lives, launches the one who had the approval of his children to be able to gently make fun of them on stage. I'm happy, because it's a show that I wrote alone and that I “run in” during the pandemic! I would like people to come out of it saying: we had a great evening and we laughed at you in droves. »  

If he explains having imposed “  hitchhiking » in the show – in the form of songs in particular – is that it allows him to calm down and breathe. “I sing shyly, but I like it. I wanted my show to focus on imperfections, because I am only imperfection; my life is all crooked, I lack confidence. Personally, I find it valuable to spend a whole show with a real person who reveals himself without filter. »