Proven folk remedy to cleanse the blood vessels

On the walls of the blood vessels can Deposit cholesterol and other toxins, causing can upset the circulation, to form vascular insufficiency. The cleansing of the vessels contributes to the fact that they become flexible and elastic, headache, improves hearing and vision, decrease varicose veins and the likelihood of atherosclerosis, heart attack, paralysis.

When you clean the blood vessels, this will directly affect the health and appearance. The blood will be easily and freely to circulate in the body, disappear headaches, normalizes blood pressure, improves mood, increases work capacity. From the feel-good you will rise to the mood.

Walnuts, like garlic, have long been used to cleanse the blood vessels. Especially effective green upper shell nuts.

In our stores nuts are not sold in the form in which they hang on the tree without outer green shell. So we have the opportunity to apply for cleaning vessels in the core of the nut. For this you will need 1.5 kg of shelled walnuts.

Pass them through a meat grinder. The resulting mass is store in a jar in a cool place (e.g. fridge).

Eat 1 tbsp. spoon with the top chopped nuts in the morning and evening for half an hour before eating, drinking 100 g of water (half a Cup).

Continue to take it while all will not eat it will take you about two months.

After cleaning you will be migraine, blood pressure normalizes, disappear pain caused by thrombophlebitis and varicose veins. Therefore, feet will be less tired.

This course of purification should be carried out 1-2 times per year.