Proven relationship electronic cigarettes with asthma

Scientists from the University of Sydney have proven in experiments on mice that flavored electronic cigarettes are directly linked to asthma. Survey findings on the background of the increasing number of deaths from vaping.

Доказана связь электронных сигарет с астмой

According to scientists, they found out that some flavors of e-cigarettes change the sensitivity of the respiratory tract of mice to dust mites is a common trigger of asthma. In the experiment, were analyzed indicators of mice, some of which were allowed to breathe “room air” for half an hour twice a day for 18 days. The rest were exposed to aerosols of electronic cigarettes as with nicotine, and without it. In the first, seventh and last day of observations in experimental rodents were exposed to either dust mites or aqueous placebo. The results showed hyperactivity of the peripheral Airways in mice from the group under the influence of black licorice without nicotine, and banana flavor enhanced “soluble lung collagen” — a sign of scarring of the tissues.

“This is especially important for those people who have a propensity to respiratory infections as they are most vulnerable to the effects of Smoking. We found that the exact effects on features of asthma were dependent on a specific taste, and this implies ambiguity clumps for other variations,” said the scientists.