Provincial election: Public Health remains independent, assures Legault

ÉProvincial election: Public Health remains independent, assures Legault


Prime Minister François Legault assured Tuesday that he will continue to listen to the opinions of Public Health during the election campaign, but without committing to reimpose health measures if necessary. 

Asked about his willingness to reinstate distancing measures, such as wearing a mandatory mask, in the event of a new wave of COVID-19 at the start of the school year, even if these measures could be unpopular in the middle of the election campaign, the Prime Minister was evasive.

“The director of public health is completely free to make all the recommendations he wants. Afterwards, yes, it's the government that will decide whether or not we accept the recommendations, but both the CIQ (Comité sur l'immunisation du Québec) and Public Health are free to make any recommendations they want. “, indicated Mr. Legault during a press briefing revealing the terms of the new vaccination campaign.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, let it be known that he meme and his leader should let Public Health do the next updates on COVID-19.

“Unless extremely serious, I think that Dr. Boileau, among others since the beginning of the year, has been present. I don't think we need to be there. Maybe it will need to be updated, I don't know. […] For the moment, Public Health is doing an excellent job,” mentioned Mr. Dubé.

Recall that since the appointment of Dr. Luc Boileau as head of Public Health in the winter last, replacing Dr Horacio Arruda, the “health trio” was more rarely gathered at the same table, Public Health presenting its press briefings more often independently of those of the government.

Asked about the upcoming campaign, Dr. Boileau, for his part, advised candidates of all parties to exercise caution and apply basic measures, such as distancing, washing hands and wearing a mask, particularly in care facilities and residences for the elderly.

“It's so well known that we have the impression that everyone is going to do well,” he hopes.